Arredondo \ Arozarena

Untitled (Golden Green – Greening Gold)
Fritzia Irízar

By focusing on the relationship between gold mining and bird populations, Fritzia Irízar’s work highlights the disastrous effects of the global mining industry in the long term. Literally reconfiguring and poisoning the environment, gold mining has devastated, killed, and led to the forced migration of a massive number of bird species. As part of the piece, visitors are asked to interact with the installation recording a call of birds. They can also bring gold objects to be painted green, weighed and referenced to a conversion table of environmental degradation per gram of gold.

Abdul Sharif Baruwa   

PROYECTO VITRINA is dedicated to the exhibition of various artists who work in collaboration with Arredondo \ Arozarena. The showcase its name refers to is visible on the street Praga in Colonia Juarez, Mexico City.

Arredondo \ Arozarena, contemporary art gallery, opened in 2010 with the aim of giving voice to young Mexican artists as well as foreign artists residing in Mexico. Through its exhibitions, its PROYECTO VITRINA and its interdisciplinary program, the gallery offers various activities to the public wich cover a wide range of discourses relevant to contemporary art and cultural practice.

Praga #27. Juárez
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