Talks 2015

 Talks Program 

 Gallery Weekend México & PaperWorks 

In its third edition, Gallery Weekend Mexico presents a conference program dedicated to the current state of art, exhibitions and art collections.

In addition to this, the first edition of PaperWorks will inaugurate a conference program on the aesthetic and narrative possibilities of art and artists books.

See the program for Saturday 19th.

See the program for Sunday 20th.

 Saturday 19th 

10.00-10.55 The Experience of Collecting Art

This round table will discuss the role that collections play in society and their role as historical dynamic archives. The collectors will share the strategy,criteria and vision behind their collections.
Speakers: Rafael Nieto Loaiza, Catherine Petitgas, Caroline Bourgeois
Moderator: Magnolia de la Garza
Location: Museo Tamayo Auditorium

11.00-11.55 Conversation: The Exhibition as a Discursive Methodology

The exhibition remains as a discursive methodology and the place par excellence to meet with art. In this conversation, the speakers will present the vision and strategy behind their most important exhibitions.
Speakers: Marc-Olivier Wahler, Juan Gaitán
Location: Museo Tamayo Auditorium

12.00-12.55 Archive: Creation and Transfer

This round table will reflect on two subjects: firstly, the creation of artist’s archives and secondly their safekeeping and merchandising. The speakers will discuss how some of these archives exist only because they themselves have made them. Likewise, they will analyze the role that the market plays in their preservation and disappearance.
Speakers: Francisco Reyes Palma, Mauricio Marcín, Andrea Geyer, Ricardo Ocampo
Moderator: Carla Herrera-Prats
Location: Museo Tamayo Auditorium

13.00-13.25 Ediciones Acapulco. Book Presentation: Remolino de tierra, by Ilán Rabchinskey

Speakers: Ilán Rabchinskey, Marianna Dellekamp, Selva Hernández
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

13.30-13.55 Ediciones Acapulco. Book Series Presentation: I love you poquito, by Taquito Jocoque and Leer en línea, by Carlos Franco, both from the Serie RR III.

Speakers: Carlos Franco, Roxana Ramos (Taquito Jocoque), Dr. Alderete
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

14.00-14.25 Book Presentation: José Dávila, Daylight Found Me With No Answer

Speakers: José Dávila, Geovana Ibarra
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

16.00-16.25 Cráter Invertido. Presentation of the fanzine created during the workshop, No tengo tiempo de cambiar mi vida: La ciudad de México a 30 años del temblor de 1985.

Speakers: Colectivo Cráter Invertido
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

16.30-16.55 Canadian Centre for Architecture. Electronic Book Series Presentation: Archaeology of the Digital.

Speakers: Albert Ferré
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

17.00-17.25 Arquine. Book Presentation: Guía de arquitectura. Ciudad de México.

Speakers: Alejandro Hernández Gálvez, Andrea Griborio, Juan José Kochen, Miquel Adrià
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

17.30-17.55 Gato Negro Ediciones.  Book Series Presentation: serie negra.

Speakers: Autores de Gato Negro Ediciones
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

 Sunday 20th 

12.00-12.55 Political Art, Negotiations and Collective Worldviews Since 2010

This table will debate the possibility of generating a “true” political change through art. Furthermore, it will discuss whether art criticism can create tools of thought that support the development of unprecedented imaginary landscapes, taking as reference the diversity of current artistic production.
Speakers: Minerva Cuevas, Susana Vargas, Sandra Sánchez
Moderator: Dorothée Dupuis
Location: Museo Tamayo Auditorium

13.00-13.25 La Dïéresis Editorial Artesanal. Book Presentation: Nostalghia, by the poet Jorge Esquinca.

Speakers: Jorge Esquinca, Emiliano Álvarez
Lugar: Museo Tamayo Modulario

13.30-14.25 Auieo ediciones y Los libros del Sargento. Round Table: Laberinto de imágenes

The speakers will discuss the relationship between art and publishing. They will also be presenting two books related to the subject, Estudio Rojo and Dédalo by Nicola Lorusso.
Speakers: Nicola Lorusso, Jaime Moreno Villarreal, Alejandro Magallanes, Vicente Rojo Cama, Saúl Kaminer, Selva Hernández
Moderator: Fabricio Vanden Broeck
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

16.00-16.25 Obrera Centro. Presentation of the project Obrera Centro and their editorial work.

Speakers: Mauro Giaconi, Marcos Castro
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario

16.30-16.55 Book Presentation: Lo que no vemos lo que nos mira, de Gabriel de la Mora.

Speakers: Willy Kautz, Gabriel de la Mora
Location: Modulario Museo Tamayo

17.00-17.25 Book Presentation: Contemporary Art Mexico.

Speakers: Catherine Petitgas, Juan Gaitán
Location: Museo Tamayo Modulario