Código and Aura, supported by ARCA, present the second edition of PaperWorks. A book fair, as a part of Gallery Weekend México 2016.

National and international exhibitors active in the production of art and artist books will partake. Aimed, through a selection process, to open a dialogue surrounding art and publications, as well as emphasising the publications resulting from artistic processes and research.

Supplemented by several talks and book presentations that reflect on the challenges of contemporary publishing and the aesthetic and narrative possibilities of art books and those produced by artists. A space where national and international publishers come together with artists, writers, editors and designers.

PaperWorks will take place at Museo Tamayo (Contemporary Art Museum) and, this year, will extend to Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City) on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25.

Talks and activities program. PaperWorks 2016


1de1 Editora

1de1 Editora is an independent visual poetry publication with the purpose of diffusing this type of poetry, as well as the emerging artists and stand outs that create it.

a/b Books

a/b Books was founded in Japan in 2010 by Swiss artist Alexander Bühler as a experimental platform to explore different artistic ideas in book form. The publishing house focuses on refined handmade artist books in limited editions. a/b Books also presents and collaborates in publications with other artists.

Alejandro Cartagena / A Book. It does a Body Good

Lives and works in Mexico. His artwork forms part of collections such as SFMOMA, the West Collection, the MFAH of Houston and the MOCP of Chicago. He has received the SNCA scholarship given by CONACULTA, the PHOTOLUCIDA´s Book Award, and the photography award from the Italo-Latinoamerican Institute of Rome. Some of his books are Suburbia Mexicana, Before the War, Carpoolers, Ríos de Poder and Santa Barbara return jobs back to US.

Alias Editorial

Alias is a publishing house project conceived by the artist Damián Ortega that publishes texts with valuable references to contemporary art. Creations that have not been translated, printed or spread among the Spanish-speaking communities, or previous editions that have been discontinued; a program for the publication of a collection of artists manuscripts.  


Arquine is a project dedicated to the construction of an architectonic culture, a content generation platform that functions through its magazine and social media, through radio, contests, congresses, festivals, postgraduate degrees and books. Founded in 1997, Arquine published its first book in 2000 and counts with more than 120 titles. Arquine is architecture, design and city, all brought to you from Mexico.

arta ediciones

Arta editions is a publishing house dedicated to the publication and distribution of books, magazines, and monographic publications of contemporary artists.
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.

Asociación de Amigos del MAP, A.C.

Non-profit organization and authorized doner, whose mission is to propel Mexican popular art by recovering, promoting and diffusing it, supporting artisans so they can fully develop the potential of their creative expression.

Auieo ediciones

AUIEO was created in 2011 in Mexico City. Its collections include MANDRÁGORA (literature), AUTORIA (essay) y A (art). AUIEO publishes translations from Greek, Latin, French, German, Italian and Polish, with prologues by Bárbara Jacobs, Álvaro Uribe, Luigi Amara, Tedi López Mills, Valeria Luiselli, Carlos Reygadas and Verónica Gerber Bicecci. Among its authors are Alberto Blanco, Vicente Rojo, and Philippe Jaccottet.

Big Sur

Publishing company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina that publishes printed publications of Latin American contemporary art. Since 2009, Big Sur chooses, by open call and invitation, works of artists to present. It also produces posters, fanzines and other publications..
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.


Contemporary art publishing house based in Geneva, Switzerland that develops and produces its own books in close collaboration with artists.


Buró-Buró is a publishing house and an interdisciplinary office of strategies and projects that address contemporary issues like culture, art and social work in their personal projects or those done for institutions, museum and foundations.

La Caja de Cerillos Ediciones

La Caja de Cerillos is a Mexican independent publishing house that explores the paths of the written word through alternative and interdisciplinary proposals of printed work. Among its catalog one may find literature, art and illustrated books, as well as graphic novels, essays and other unclassified pieces.

Capricho editor

Small publishing house dedicated to the creation and edition of poetry and contemporary drawing books. Capricho editor editions are characterized by their details, producing a print run of 500 numbered copies.
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.


Código is an independent magazine that is published in Mexico since 2000. It is dedicated to the analysis and reflexion of contemporary art and architecture.

Cooperativa Cráter Invertido

Is an art space, with a risograph machine, that publishes drawings, art theory, politics, etc, based on the work created by study groups, residences and proposals of different types.

Corina Arrieta / Homemade Ediciones

In her publications, Corina elaborates absurd theoretical research around architecture and travel. She creates, with photographs and maps, a route that takes us through the architectonic fantasies inspired by leisure and tourism. Mar del Plata's (the ultimate seaside resort in Argentina) postmodern architecture and tourist guides are her favorite objects of study. Homemade Ediciones produces small editions for local artists. With a minimum budget, delicate handmade work is privileged, which makes our publications precious and subtle objects.
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.
Corina Arrieta / Homemade

La Dïéresis

La diéresis (artisan publishing house) was founded in 2011. Our search is not only based in acheiving an impeccable print, attractive design and a "pretty" edition, but in making the link between the text and its continent (in other words, the book itself) narrow and significant.  

EBL Ediciones

EBL aims to show that linguistic frontiers are increasingly related to interdisciplinary work, where translations occupy a predominant place. EBL is a publishing house where linguistic survival exerts a micro-political tissue made of predominant discourses.

Ediciones Acapulco

Acapulco is a publishing house established in Mexico City in 2011, founded by the designer Selva Hernández with the purpose of making books from a design perspective, creating a book-object. We make small print run editions that pay attention to typographic design, printing materials and bookbinding finishes, so that the book may withstand the passing of time.

Ediciones Hungría

Ediciones Hungría is a multidisciplinary studio that responds to a necessity to promote and develop local and international art and culture. All this through rigurous curatorial work focused on finding and generating transcendental ideas and images.  

edition fink

Contemporary art publishing house based in Zurich, Switzerland that develops and produces its own books in close collaboration with artists.

Editorial Concreta

Concreta arose from a shared desire and an absence: the desire to construct a platform from which to contribute to the contemporary reflection on the image through a twice-yearly journal and a series of artists’ books.

Editorial Escarabajo / Patricia Lagarde

A visual artist, since the 90´s she has published more than 20 artist books. Her work has been exposed in a number of important spaces, both in Mexico and other parts of the world becoming part of public and private collections, such as: Stanford Library, Berkeley Library, Paul Getty Foundation, Alumnos 47, etc. She is the founder of the publishing house Escarabajo.

Editorial Gustavo Gili

Spain- Mexico
Independent publishing house specialized in art, design, architecture, fashion and photography books, with more than 50 years in México, it counts with the most complete catalog of architecture and design books in the Spanish and Latin American scene. It is characterized by coherence, rigor and a pioneering vocation and has achieved a solid national prestige.

Editorial RM

RM is one of Latin America´s most recognized publishing houses specialized in art. Proof of this are the more than 150 titles dedicated to world-class artists and writers, such as Graciela Iturbide, Dr. Lakra, Carlos Amorales, to mention some. In addition, RM is the authorized editor of Juan Rulfo´s work.

Editorial Sexto Piso

Sexto Piso is an independent publishing house, whose main line of edition touches texts on philosophy, literature and reflexions about contemporary issues. It seeks to generate access to texts that are pillars of universal culture.

Estudio Erizo

Dedicated to the creation and edition of illustrated books for the seeing and blind community, elaborated specifically by contemporary artists and writers. Original and innovative books characterized for being printed with ink and embossed with text and images, with adequate techniques for the lecture of both. For this reason, the books are inclusive.
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.

Fábrica de estampas

Fabrica de estampas is a graphic collective formed by Delfina Estrada y Victoria Volpini founded in 2011. We make publications of original engravings and posters using techniques like etching, xylography, linoleum and monocopy.

Ferragus Librería

Bookshop specialized in Spanish independent publishing houses with a profile in arts and humanities.

Fibra Casa Editora

Friba is dedicated to the hunt and recollection of fictional situations in common life. It is a personal experiment made with a mutant amateur enthusiasm. In 6 years various collections and editions have been produced, La Colección Esponja, consisting of poetry, drawing and short tale, the photography zine collections Sr. Dalton, Aimanville and more.
This publishing house will be part of the "ARGENTINA" table.

Fundación Jumex, A.C.

Fundación Jumex Arte Contemporáneo was created with the aim of promoting production, discussion and knowledge around contemporary art and to generate innovative ways of promoting art and culture.

Gato Negro Ediciones

Is a coalition of impetus and perversions that takes the shape of an editorial project since 2013. Armed with a Risograph duplicator, its members, and a select and mutant ensemble of authors, it aims to spread the materials that they consider urgent in the context of an era that is collapsing. Gato Negro has it base in Mexico City, but it appears like a ghost in the least expected plains.

General León 51

General 51 is a project sponsored by FONCA (Nacional System of Creators). Taking architectonic space as a reference, It has created insights, works and aesthetic, urban and sociological proposals that have been captured in these books.

Guayaba Press

Guayaba Press is an independent publishing house and curatorial platform. It publishes Sur magazine and is committed to the disemination of articles written in both Spanish and English that expand discussions on contemporary art locally and globally.  




imakenotebooks is a bookbinding workshop located in Tacubaya in Mexico City. We make notebooks with traditional binding techniques. We create personalized pieces and commercialize our own brand: “Apuntes”.

Impronta Casa Editora

Publishing house founded in 2014. It seperates itself from conventional printing techniques by producing typographical books in the traditional way, with movable types and linotype. It aims to resume the art of making books that has been put aside by the immediacy of massive manufacture and the digital book; returning the quality of object to the book and the sensorial experience that reading implies.

kurimanzutto libros

Since its foundation kurimanzutto has sought to support the publications and editorial projects that help communicate the work of the artists it represents. The library project surges from this interest and finally took shape in 2008 when the gallery was established in the space where it stands today.

Jungle Books

Contemporary art publishing house based in St.Gallen, Switzerland that develops and produces its own books in close collaboration with artists.

Liber Ediciones

Liber Ediciones, is a project created in 1989 in Pamblona-Navarra (Spain),  especialized in artists books or books with high bibliography. They count with works of high relevance, all of them with original work of contemporary artists.

Los Libros del Sargento

sargentolibros.com Los Libros del Sargento's program searches for books with an educational profile: texts where one can find a close relationship between the social context and the way artists percieve it, combined with an accessibility to creation and writing.

Libros UNAM

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) through the General Direction of Publications and Editorial Promotion, publishes, promotes, diffuses and commercializes the editorial production of the UNAM, it contributes to the extension of culture and knowledge to the university community and society in general.

La Maquinucha Ediciones

La Maquinucha Ediciones is the RISO publishing house for the Instituto de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (IAGO). Founded in the year 2015, this project believes in the importance of sharing the visual archive and the contents found at IAGO with alternative audiences.
La Maquinucha Ediciones

Museo Nacional de la Acuarela (Munacua)

The Museo Nacional de la Acuarela Alfredo Guati Rojo, A.C.is a space that promotes the arts, specifically the watercolor technique.

Museo de Arte Moderno

The MAM has played a decisive roll in the consolidation and difusion of public patrimony, what has driven it to edit catalogs of the exhibitions that have taken place in its halls, as well as publications about important cultural phenomenons that contribute to the history of the XX century.  

Museo Tamayo

The editorial program of the Tamayo museum includes publications such as: catalogs of individual and collective exhibitions that have taken place in the museum, a series of books about the work of Rufino Tamayo, artist books and antologies of theoretical texts of reference.

Nave dos quince / Taller de grabado y fotografía Chapultepec

Works with photography and the visual arts, inviting other disciplines to experiment new languages. Taller de grabado y fotografía Chapultepec, is a production space for graphic and photographic work that offers residences for the production of artwork and continues to support it through catalogs, artist books and exhibitions.
Nave dos quince

Pánico Universo

It is a brief publication of illustration and narrative/poetry edited in Buenos Aires, It started in 2012 and its proposal is to serve as a bridge between the disciplines of writing and visual/artistic production, with a work in pairs and a trigger theme.

Sicomoro Ediciones

Founded in Mexico City in 2013 by María Álvarez and Luisa Reyes Renata. The purpose of the label is the edition of art books that adhere rigorously to the spirit of the artwork and the vision of the artist . This formality explores the book as an amplifier of artistic work and proposes a contemporary search for its new identity.

Taller Ditoria

Founded in 1994, Taller Ditoria dedicates itself to the edition of artist books created with mobile types, printed in a Chandler & Price flat press of the year 1899, sewed and bound by hand. More than 60 titles of some of the most important poets, narrators and essayists in Spanish and other languages (translated to Spanish).

Taller de Ediciones Económicas

Founded in 2010, looks to reduce production costs in order to allow a greater freedom of action. Publishes books/work of contemporary Mexican artists, texts that are considered fundamental in the present to discuss image and artistic practice in Mexico, as well as other whims generated in the workshop.

Terreno Baldío Arte

Terreno Baldío Arte was founded by Eduardo Mier y Terán as a mechanism to support artists in the promotion and operation of their projects. As a publishing house it has produced 12 books and catalogs with important art critics, photographers, designers and professionals from the editorial world, as well as with different public and private organizations, around the exhibitions of Javier Marín and invited artists.  

Travesías Media

Travesías Media is an enterprise focused in the generation of mass manufactured editorial contents, created and distributed through the best tools. We are leaders in travel, luxury, lifestyle and current affairs content in Latin America.

Trilce Ediciones

Is a Mexican publishing house that specializes in the edition of art, poetry and pop culture books since 1991, from concept generation, research and content production, to distribution in different platforms such as books, apps, exhibitions and the Internet. We are foundational members of the Alianza de Editoriales Mexicanas Independientes (AEMI).

Universidad de las Américas Puebla

UDLAP´s publishing house links all the areas of knowledge, giving a voice to our broad range of researchers, artists, cultural promoters, and other persons dedicated to the improvement of our society. Moreover, it is a conglomeration of talent with creativity, of cleverness with academic recognition, of intelligence with art, representing one of the biggest traditions of the university: excellency.