Galería Ethra

Fragile Values
Lore Bert

Galería Ethra presents, for the first time in Mexico, the German artist Lore Bert. Fragile Values adds to a series of exhibitions in 26 countries; a project through which the artist celebrates 80 years with 250 exhibits worldwide.

Paper is the medium that gives life to her work, in an attempt to alert us of the fragility of the world. It is an exhortation to generate an intercultural dialogue as it references signs and symbols of different cultures. The fragility of her pieces speaks of danger and impermanence, but also refers to freedom and to the beauty of temporality.

Geometry, architectural shapes and numbers, are some characteristics of her oeuvre. It is inspired by philosophical and poetic writings, and by the qualities of the universe, since, in them, we may find constellations of absolute beauty.

Referring to the simplest symbols present in cultures, it invites us to reflect on what we share as a global society, and the ability we have to turn our own context into something ephemeral and ever changing.

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