joségarcía ,mx

El Deshuesadero
Edgardo Aragón

During Gallery Weekend Mexico, josegarcia, mx is pleased to present a project by Edgardo Aragón (Oaxaca, 1985) in two simultaneous locations.

In Dresde 2 it will present Deshuesadero (El Paraíso, Zimatlán), 2016, a series of paintings made with the iron oxide found in automobile junkyards located in the area known as “Paradise” in Zimatlán, Oaxaca. Monochromatic paintings, whose individual formats refer to specific parts of cars – such as doors, windows or car hoods, make up an installation that refers, on the one hand, to his past life as functional vehicle, as well as a natural landscape of Paradise.

In General Prim 30 it presents AMERICAN GUN, a darkroom with photographs in the process of being developed, which have not been fixed and therefore become veiled as small amounts of light come into the room.

joségarcía ,mx opened its doors in October 2015 in the Colonia Juarez and, in January 2016, opened a second space in Merida, Yucatan with the idea of expanding the possibilities of artists to develop projects that respond to this particularly rich and diverse cultural environment.

Dresde 2. Juárez
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